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Renewable Heat Installer Training and Support Scheme


Certified installers are needed to help meet the significant demand that the Green Homes Grant Scheme has provided. This is a great opportunity for companies to get involved in the growing renewables sector, helping to shape the future of heating in the UK.

The Government''s Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme provides vouchers towards the cost of installing energy efficient improvements a home.

The Green Home Grant vouchers will cover two-thirds of the cost of eligible improvements, up to a maximum of £5,000 or £10,000 if a household is on a low income or receives certain benefits.

Renewable Heat Installer Support Scheme (RHITSS) FAQs.

Supporting the Growth of Green Energy


Apply for discounted renewables training and support!

Are you a building services installer looking to get involved in the renewables sector?

Have you been put off in the past by the cost and amount of paperwork involved?

If so, the RHITSS is for you!

What is the RHITSS?

The RHITSS offers a unique opportunity to get up to 70% off training, assessment, certification and membership fees alongside a fully integrated package of support to guide you through the process.

Managed by GTEC in partnership with the MCS, the scheme is designed to help installers overcome barriers associated with joining the renewables sector.

Heating installers will be able to future-proof their businesses by upskilling in one of three promising technologies within the low-carbon heating sector:

  • Heat pumps (air source and ground source)
  • Solar thermal
  • Biomass

What funding is available?

Vouchers are available for up to 70% of the cost of every stage of your renewable installer journey, including heat pump, solar thermal training or biomass training, pre-requisites (such as energy efficiency or hot water systems), your consumer code (CTSI) membership, MCS certification costs, and TrustMark fees.

The funding available for a full package of training and certification is worth around £1,300 per company but limited funding is available, so act fast if you want to get your share of this funding.

How will the RHITSS support installers?

We are committed to breaking down barriers for installers. From the moment you get in touch with us, you will have our full support through every stage of your renewable installer journey.

The RHITSS website is your one-stop portal to steer you through the process, keeping the form filling to a minimum by using one set of the details you supply to complete all your training and certification applications; less paperwork for you to fill out means that you can concentrate on getting the work done.

Support and funding levels for each stage are as follows:

  • Technology training – we will help you choose a training provider from our approved network running the latest training packages and ensure you get booked onto the appropriate technology training courses, including pre-requisites.
  • MCS understanding – we have prepared an online webinar for you developed by MCS themselves that covers the key requirements of the MCS scheme. This, along with template documents we also provide through MCS Made Easy, will make sure you have everything you need for a successful assessment.
  • In addition, MCS itself has a fully integrated support package that will give you the confidence you need and help overcome any uncertainties about the scheme requirements.

  • MCS Certification – we will help you select a Certification Body and complete the application form minimising the amount of time you spend filling out application forms.
  • Consumer Code (CTSI) approval – we will help you select a Consumer Code to become a member of and help you to complete the required forms.
  • TrustMark – we will assist you in choosing your pathway and completing the required application. NOTE that the TrustMark application is included with all certification body options apart from HETAS, if you choose HETAS as your certification body then we will be in touch to complete your TrustMark application separately.
  • Green Homes Grant Register application – we will help you complete all the forms if you want to become a Green Homes Grant registered installer.

Support directly from MCS – to compliment the training programme delivered by GTEC, MCS will be offering free support to familiarise applicants with MCS standards, provide specific technical guidance and help companies become certified.

MCS can offer a wide range of one-on-one support, including:

  • Installation site visits
  • Desktop QMS review
  • Teams/Zoom meetings
  • Telephone and email support
  • On-line workshops

A range of downloadable resources is also available - guidance documents, presentations, recorded webinars and templates; all designed to aid installers with their journey to MCS certification.

To enquire about the MCS support available, please call their helpdesk on 0333 1038130 or email

Funding levels

Each company can apply for up to 5 installers to receive funding for their training package and each installer can access training for up to 2 technologies at any one time.

In addition, each company can apply for 1 voucher to help to meet the costs of the certification journey, all funding is capped at 70% of the Nett costs or to the following levels whichever is higher:

Cost Funding cap per training place Cap per company
Pre-requisites Training (EE/WRAS/HWS) £129.50 N/A
Technology Specific Training £416.50 N/A
MCS Understanding (inc. MCSME) N/A £136.50
MCS Certification Body assessment N/A £385
MCS Licence Fee N/A £38.50
CTSI Code membership N/A £182
Trustmark N/A £70

* All funding is NETT of VAT.

For Example:

ABC Plumbing and heating would like to become MCS certified and has 3 staff members who all want training on air source heat pumps, the staff all need to hold energy efficiency and water regulations to get onto the air source heat pump course.

The company has selected ACME training to provide the training and they charge £210 for the pre-requisites and £595 for the air source heat pump training.

The voucher would be worked out as follows:

Training Vouchers
Number of candidates Course type Cost before voucher Voucher value Cost to be met by installer
3 Energy Efficiency £630 £388.50* £241.50
3 Water Regulations £630 £388.50* £241.50
3 Air Source Heat Pump £1,785 £1,249.50 £535.50
Certification Voucher
1 voucher per company Cost before voucher Voucher value Cost to be met by installer
MCS Understanding (inc. MCSME) £195 £136.50 £58.50
MCS Certification Body assessment Starting at £550 £385 £165
MCS Licence Fee £55 £38.50 £16.50
CTSI Code membership Starting at £260 £182 £78
Trustmark Starting at £90 £63 £27
Total Voucher Value £2,831.50

* Indicates that the cap was reached. ** All prices exclude VAT.

Is training available across the UK?

Full geographical coverage is provided by our network of independent training centres, these can be selected during the training voucher application.

How long will vouchers be available?

STOP PRESS – RHITSS now extended, those with vouchers now have until September 30th to complete their training.

More Information...

Vouchers will be issued on a first come, first served basis. There is no intention to limit the vouchers to a certain number per technology.

Vouchers will be issued to companies based on a cost, technology type and provider, as detailed by the candidate when they apply.

These vouchers can then be redeemed by provider through the administrator (GTEC Training Ltd) who will pay the provider directly.

Providers will have to register with the administrator before a voucher can be issued. Details on how to do this will be made available when the applications open.

If you are a provider and wish to register your interest, please use the link HERE.

For all press enquiries, please send us a message using the "contact us" form

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